Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Cast: Narrator, Reggie, Bill,

N: It’s daybreak & Reggie awakens,
looks down, & sees Bill’s asleep, then
reaches down with his black right paw
& carefully taps Bill’s white-haired head.

B: Reggie? Yes, I’m almost almost-awake;
& I know what you want; you want to go
R: OWT! B: Yes, I know, to go…out. If
only you had opposable thumbs! You’d
be able to open the door by yourself.

R: OWT! B: At least you know the word.
R: OWT! B: In German it’s “Aus” Reggie.
R: OWT! B: But we’re speaking English.
R: OWT! B: Oh, yes, I’ve heard you now.
R: OWT! B: Let me wake-up Reggie, let
me shave & dress & get your harness.

R: OWT? B: We’re still going out, Reggie,
I’m not ready, unlike you, I’m not dressed.
R: OWT? B: Shave…dress…harness.

N: Bill shaves & dresses. Reggie waits while
Bill takes Reggie’s harness off the hook.
B: Come Mr. Reggie, harness. Sit on my lap.
N: Reggie sits on Bill’s lap as Bill harnesses
him around the neck & under the shoulders.
Reggie leaps to the door & stands grasping
the door-knob with both paws, turning it.

R: OWT! B: Yes, you’re almost doing it by
yourself, Reggie. R: Owt? B: Yes, out. Now.
N: Bill opens the door & Reggie leaps out...
B: I guess I’m learning, Reggie. You’re OUT!

(2B cont.)

(21 JUL 10, Santa Clara CA)v2

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