Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Talking thru Lunch

Dr. G. & I chat over cheese-drizzled rolls
dripping with avocado. “I didn’t realize
you hadn’t eaten before” at San Jose's
Cypress St. Senior Citizens’ Center. Me:
“No, I hadn’t; I'd assumed it served
bad cafeteria food, but it doesn’t.”

Dr. G.: “It’s a well-balanced meal.” Me:
“Yes, it is; I was wrong. Have I told you
about my 10p tea-times w/Scottish
Schizophrenics in Dundee city-centre?”
Dr. G.: “Yes. Many times. Great stories.”
Me: “I enjoy every schizy one of them.”

[Honoring Glaswegian Dr. Ronnie Laing]

(20 JUN 10, Santa Clara CA)v4

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