Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SFSO friends' concert

At yest's packed Friends (donors) SFSO concert,
Dr. Ginny (donor) & I (invitee) sat beside an earnest
young mother(?) who read-aloud every word of the
2pg program notes to her son (?), citing the composers'
(Chopin, Mozart, Piazzola, Profofiev) dates while the
pre-teen boy played w/a small box of miniature
dirt-bikes. During intermission, he fled to the lobby
to play w/them alone.When she puzzled aloud over
why the waltz was considered shocking (in the pgm
notes), I explained to her that the waltz allowed the
man to touch & lift the woman by the waist, shocking
in its early Vienna years, but not since. She didn't
re-explain this detail aloud to the dirt-bike-distracted
boy who asked if they could "have some 'family-time'"
after the concert. We left before the last piece (a
Mozart trio) to get on the 50-mi. hiway back down
to Santa Clara as night was falling.

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Ann said...

Reading this piece made me feel like I was there in the audience - amazing.