Friday, April 8, 2011


[Congres$$ion@l Parable]

Scene: 2 guys go to the bowling alley.

One brings along 3 balls drilled precisely to spec.

tOther brings none, assuming one can be rented..

One brings shoes, tOther rents a pair that almost fits,

complaining about rental price.

Attendant: “...pays for disinfection..."

Playing uncomfortably a while,
they wonder: Why?

One: "It’s the shoes!"

tOther: "It’s the balls!, it’s the pizza!, it’s the Pepsi!"

Not the pin-boy.

There isn't any.

It’s all automated.

One: "It's our sweat."

tOther: “What sweat? this place is fully air-conditioned.” (with a dry-cleaner's.)

One: "Must be the cable-TV."

tOther: "What cable-TV? It's all DVDs."

Which one's the Tea-Partier?

(T-Pers haven’t arrived yet, come severally, own the alley, & win no matter what.)

(08 APR 11, Santa Clara CA)v12

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