Thursday, April 14, 2011


In fa$cinatin' Randian-rhythm,
his bright blue-eye$ blinking,

Paul Ryan (R-WI ) tap-dance$
like a Hollywood hoofer,

while Ayn Rand* clap$, de-
lit by his $ong & dance.

Rand doe$ a $tar-turn;
Ryan recognize$ her:
"Thi$ i$ your $how!
$tand up, Ayn!"

(13 APR 11, Santa Clara CA)v6 *Ryan was outed today as an Ayn Randian by Jonathan Chait, Sr. Ed. New Republic, in NEWSWEEK 13 APR 2011 pp 6-7: [Connecting the Dots] "War on the Weak" How the GOP came to view the poor as parasites and the rich as our rightful rulers

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