Thursday, December 22, 2011

Barry's Hand

All along, I've thought Obama's ultimate strategy was to give the public something nobody has yet been able to give them - a national health program - at a time when it's obviously most necessary. The political risk was that it would never get thru congress. Well, it did by a single-party manoeuvre; so now nothing much else can, except tax-cuts (until this little last one.). Which in itself should alert the public as to who wants what for them, if they're really watching, which remains to be seen. Details confuse them, so the Republicans say No! - which everybody imagines means No More! (Not quite.)

The Republicans have worked to confuse the public about this in every possible way, finally taking 'Obama-care' to the Supreme Court via the states where they will (presumably, given the current 9 justices) prevail. Penultimately, they want to make Obama look increasingly incompetent in every possible way about everything.

Inverting the political premise: 'You can't beat Something with Nothing', however, the much too large field of R-candidates in the primary is only exposing their spectacularly contentious disorganization, making Obama seem even more organized than he really is...unless all of this fits into his reelection plan. If so, Barry's one helluva political poker-player.

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