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Most people think writers are willing solitaries, deeply engrossed in writing & revising. That may apply to prose-fiction writers (esp. novelists who were once generally believed to be drunks. Californian Upton Sinclair wrote a critical study of famous drunk-writers.) but this doesn't apply to any poets I know, including me.

I do, however, experience a fair degree of low-key lonliness. I rarely get phone-calls (usually when I'm shaving) which I don't remember to retrieve until as much as a week later. I do, however, read my e-mails - often, very often, over & over. For constant company, I have a 10yr old 10 lb. Maine Coon cat named Reggie that Carolin & I got from a dairy farm in Vergennes VT. Since moving here, I've taught him to say: "Out!" & he's learned to say "Hello?"

What would a cautious 69-yr old poet would eat these days? safe foods: soy & ordinary plain yogurt; oatmeal/muesli w/soy-milk for breakfast; lentils & noodles w/crushed tomatoes dusted with dry basil/oregano; crock-potted carrots & whole beets, incl. greens; an occasional medium egg; various decaf (due to heart-attack) teas, esp. rooibos. No more Danish/Polish jams on crunchy sourdough bread


If you live nearby, I'll gladly have decaf tea with you*. I don't & never have driven, so I conveniently live on the VTA#60 bus line, 2+ blocks from the Winchester Transit Plaza (at the Valley Fair mall in west San Jose, where the #60 bus line ends & the #23 bus line runs west to DeAnza College in Cupertino & east to downtown San Jose.) I live 2 blocks from the east end of Pruneridge Ave. in Santa Clara, where it becomes Hedding once it crosses N. Winchester Blvd. & San Jose begins. My address is: 390 N. Winchester Blvd. apt 4-4D, Santa Clara 95050-6541, opposite 888 N. Winchester (actually in San Jose.)

*e-mail me if you're interested:

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