Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What the -ites don't like (short version)

The Occupy Movement strikes hot cultural oil when sub/urbanites feel their (so-called) hippiedom calls our superstructure into immediate question.

The -ites think: It's hard enough for us to keep things going, but do those hippies have to disgust, insult, obstruct, impoverish us while do? Do they have a death-wish...or something? Yes, they have Something...

Occupiers are a bread spectrum of people; some may look like hippies, but they come from many classes, and share a sense of how to focus everybody's attention on the centers of power - state houses, city halls, big bank offices (not credit unions), corporate HQs, Wall Street - where it is & what it symbolizes. They want to educate us; they aren't asking to be housed on their own behalves; they aren't panhandling us, they're accusing certain institutions of not doing what they should.

Meanwhile, The 1% want us to be distracted by appearances: to be charmed by the rich, disgusted by people sleeping on downtown sidewalks. But the more the Occupiers are rousted, the deeper our sympathy flows towards them..

One newspaper observer says that the Occupiers having cellphones shows they're not poor. Look, Occupy is not a Poor People's March. It's an Informed People's indictment of our economic situation. The more our situation worsens, the more disturbing their indictment gets, until we start to ask ourselves: Why, why...why can't we just fix it?

Answer: Resistant -ites prefer that things stay mostly the way they are, especially while they're being called into question before our eyes by Occupy.

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