Monday, August 31, 2009

early recovery

My R-knee replacement op was rescheduled for 7:30am on Fri. 28 AUG; post-op doc & nurses saw me as rapidly recovering (vs last year's L-knee op.) so I was discharged from the Kaiser Hospital on Sun 30 AUG at 2pm.

I'm back in my apt. w/Reggie; phone me there at 1-408-247-1943; e-mailing's better:

I'm chipper, alert & can even proofread this only 3 days post-op. Once I've taken my 1st Percocets of the day, R-knee pain gradually shuts off while I take my scheduled post-op pills. I'm expecting a Visiting Physical Therapist tomorow.

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Karl said...

Welcome back, buddy.