Saturday, August 22, 2009

No-Cost Health Care

Remote Areas Medical Foundation (RAMF), "Pioneers of No-Cost Health Care" is an all-volunteer non-profit medical group (based in TN) who serve remote underpopulated areas of the USA. This time they have set up massive free clinics in major cities (like L.A. & DC) to show that major urban USA is as badly off as Appalachia, a brilliant political stroke by some dramatic genius high up in RAMF who apparently realized they had the means to produce this great public drama at this time & did it to shame the American Heartland. A doctor went to one of these RAMF clinics 50 miles from where he grew up & was ashamed to find people just like those he grew up with desperately standing in long lines for dental work & a wide range of medical procedures, & was interviewed on national TV about what it did to him to see this; generally, Americans can't bear being ashamed; he was.

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