Sunday, January 31, 2010


"Get it wrong one way
& we risk a new crisis;
get it wrong the other way
& we'll take the steam
out of the recovery
& reduce the chances
of creating new jobs,"

The right balance must be struck
"between making a safer banking system
& a financial system that can support
the sort of dynamism & growth
in job creation." Everyone must have
"a degree of humility about what
we actually know, & how confident
we can be that the ideas
we're going to put in place
are going to have the consequences
that we thought they were going to have….

Tho discussions were "very constructive"
"They haven't (in a sense) solved the issues,
but they certainly, I think, pushed them forward."

- Peter Sands, CEO
Standard Chartered Bank

Muhammad Yunus,
managing director
of Grameen (microcredit) Bank:

"This is a good time to redesign
the entire financial system.
Big guys are not the big sufferers.
Big sufferers are the small guys
who lost their jobs,
who lost their food,
who lost their livelihood."

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