Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A roof over

(for Karl Kadie)

Stories of homeless people
expose our disordered society,
but not its golden chain dangling
from Greenspan’s aynrandian peak
to Howard Jarvis' flat-taxian plain
& the disagora of realtors & bankers
enticing money-fiction fractioneers.

Will adequate housing ever become reality,
vs a speculatable commodity? Not while
free-market capitalism cons all too many
into believing that people can take care
of themselves if only they try hard enuf.

Free-market capitalism's operative fiction is:
free-will & freedom of opportunity magically
distribute everything that everyone needs.

A roof over one's head is given to most dogs,
but not most people, proving dogs outrank
people as desirable. Should homeless people
learn to breed less, roll over, become servile?

(13 JAN 10, Santa Clara CA)v5

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