Sunday, January 31, 2010

Davos Skinny-Dips

Midnite before the final session
of Davos world economic forum:

Big bankers are invited to skinnydip
in the heated olympic swimming-pool
in the (unnamed) grandest hotel
after its heat is turned off.

After an hour of uncomfortably
comparing genitalia, they realize
it’s gotten chillier, but none
dares admit it as the chill raises
their visible expectations.

Peckers stand up, balls harden,
coughing rebounds off tile walls.
The first one to climb out loses
a place in the lockeroom queue,
a warm shower, warm towel,
clean clothes in the lockerroom,
floors below, valet parking for
their limo full of Swiss chocolate.

Who wins? Ask around, after
compensating chattering teeth.

(01 FEB 10, Santa Clara CA)v2
In memoriam, Lee R. Baxandall
(26 JAN 1935 - 28 NOV 2008)

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