Saturday, January 30, 2010

Free 2B Corporate

"…the Senator from Du Pont Chemicals with his 45 votes…the Senator from Nash-Kelvinator with his 6." Pohl & Kornbluth, THE SPACE MERCHANTS (1952/3) pp.13-14

Money talks. Politics c@lls:
“Steve, I need to know where
what’s left of GM stands on this.”
“I hope you’re recording this,”
asks GM Senator Steve Steeves.
“Yes, I am,” says UAW Senator
Paul ‘Polack’ Propulski. Silence;
neither realizes they’re tapped
by Ford Senator Henry Ford IV
who thinks “Those jerks don’t
realize all this is legal now” with
corporate masters humanized,
according to SCOTUS, free to
exercise 1st-amendment rights.
“Speak up, you 2!” says Ford,
breaking their cautious silence,
"Be freemen in a freecorpor@te
world. You're finally free! Now,
let's work us a corpor@te deal.”

(30 JAN 10, Santa Clara CA)v4

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