Saturday, April 14, 2012



Breathing deeply,

you gradually realize

the God you need is determined

by the breath you breathe. Yoga

builds an expanding expectation:


Where you are is where you are;

where you will be will be where

you will be when you’re there. Why

doubt it? You’re in forward motion.

You will be with & that God when

You arrive at that Godly destination.

(14 APR 12, Santa Clara CA)v1

I like this one, dad. I wrote it in response to yours.

The Goddess you need,
is right here.
You are just ignoring Her.
Breathing helps,
to slow the mind down,
till you can be in her presence,
and stop worrying.
Where you are,
is where you are,
in-terms of this ability,
to know the truth,
of Her immanence.
We are always with Her.
We are all her.
We are all one.
We all breathe as one,
through the many outposts,
of Her consciousness.
There is no where to go.
She is already here.
Welcome home.

(19 APR 12, Putney VT)

-Maya Costley

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