Friday, September 17, 2010

Dime-Store Memories

Dime-store memories:

Can corporate names last after dime-store mergers?

Ginny & I reminisce about J.J. Newbury's dime-store chain
that her uncle bought-out, merging it with their family's
H(arold) L(eavenworth) Green competitor. Before he died,
he couldn't interest Junior Leavenworth in running it because
Yalie Junior was academically-inclined, rather becoming
instead a small-college president, then CEO of Sylvania.

Praising J.J. Newbury's. I tell her how on Friday evenings,
walking home from the West Lynn MA River Works GE plant
where he was a naval-parts QC-inspector, my father got me
a tiny toy to stimulate my mind when I held it in my hands.

In Santa Clara's Mariposa Gardens mall, a Dollar Store,
its marquee price $1.39 & UP, recently closed, soon after
the Vietnamese manager/owner replaced my watch battery
with a cheaper Swiss one; I'd warmly commended him,
but now he's gone. Santa Clara's surviving competitor is
99c BAY; its price-points from 99c to $1.99 & UP....

(17 SEP 10, Santa Clara CA) v7

Bill Costley
Valley Village Bldg.4 apt.4-D
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