Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ice-cream Dinner

Dr. Ginny's inspiration for dinner
last nite was to fill up large bowls
w/vanilla ice-cream & canned-fruits
(incl. sliced yellow cling-peaches);
add toasted rice-flakes as crusty
topping stirred into the chilly mix;

w/3 sm. cans of mandarin oranges,
bags of frozen raspberries, frozen
blueberries, we're already ready
for next year's ice-cream dinner
celebrating Summer's end, here
in lower Silicon Valley.

Does some ice-cream shop
somewhere-hot* already do
something like this?

*I've just been told that in Japan, a dessert they call a "Parfait" is made with ice-cream, fruit & corn-flakes
(25 SEP 10, Santa Clara CA)v5

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