Monday, September 6, 2010

[{TransAtlantic}] LABOR DAY

[{TransAtlantic}] L@BOR D@Y

{Dialog, Catechism, Diary}

“What exactly do americans celebrate
on labour day and how do they do it?”
- Ann Wainwright, Leven, nr Hull, GB

BC: The laboring class, all weekend,
[Sat.-Mon,] traditionally parades
in marching bands, interspaced
by flat-bed trucks carrying actors
en maquette, drawn by art-cars/trucks.

The laboring class? Isn't that
most americans then? Could you put
a short piece together for my blog
about it as it is pertinent?

BC: Labor Day USA boggles the mind
of a Brit/European because, literally,
most (if not all) Americans may labor
at something/other (if only part-time),
but few will admit they're members
of the working class, saying instead
they're middle-class, wanting to be
accepted as such even as their claim
to middle-class perks & endeavors
(home-ownership, entrepreneurism)
is visibly dissolving before their own
increasingly terrified eyes. What class
is someone who’s now hopelessly un-
employed? Out-of-class. GB’s been
thru this for Thatcheritic decades
under its blue & then its red, too.

BC: The American-begun Recession
began with extreme over-evaluation
of the price of homes sold to people
who couldn't really afford them
at going mortgage rates, made to look
as tho they could by greedy realtors
& dishonest mortgage brokers, hot
for increasing percentage-fees who
poached upon a little-unionized (13%)
American working-class who thot house-
value inflation = class/status/fiscal upgrade.

BC: Their houses quickly appreciated in value,
'turned/flipped over' (resold) at increasingly
implausible prices: a house sold for USD$30K
in 1978 soon sold for USD$300K ~ 1M! but
where would they move to next? An island?
Some actully did, gaggling all the way to their
summer cottages on cooly distant lakes/shores,
retiring early on spectacularly superheated profits.

BC: Greedily delusional people didn’t listen to any
objectivity about "MONEY, Whence it Came,
Where it Went" (John Kenneth Galbraith, Ph.D,
Canadian-born American economist of the 'liberal'
pro-government-intervention Keynesian school)
which Obama has followed with his governmental
bailing almost everyone out, within temporal limits,
while ragingly destructive oppositional Republicans
shouted: "Too much Tax! Too much Tax!

BC: Can Americans celebrate this Labor Day?
w/a double-digit avg. national unemployment rate,
few jobs created, despite Obama's governmental
bail-outs? watching musical fantasies of past
Labor Days w/the USA making distracting
old-'Hollywood' movies vs George Clooney's
latest neoFrench drysnuff-film "The American"

BC:[{diary}] On TV, this weekend, I looked for
recovering American car-industry ads in patriotic
red, white & blue - that don't signify the same
as in GB. The trad. patriotic tricolor now drapes
rightwing anti-government Tea-Party movement
rallies, Conservatives paint themselves red, leaving
middling blue to Liberals, white to anti-Obaman
racists, yellow to fascistic right-Libertarians.

(Labor Day Weekend 2010 Santa Clara CA)v7

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