Thursday, September 9, 2010

On Corporate Purgatories

Sometimes we actually do get to outlive our corporate

I've now outlived DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation)
& even get to draw a modest HP-pension because DEC
was eaten by COMPAQ which was later eaten by HP.

I often characterize DEC an an all eyes-upward
Swedish (via Ken Olson, Pres.) 'head-fake' culture
(=Trust KO to Do the Right Thing); vs its 2ndary
major-competitor, DG (Data General) w/a
pain-inflicting Italian (via Edson DeCastro, Pres.)
1-on-1-conflict-driven 'body-fake' culture
(=You can trust Ed; but never trust Anybody.)

Both now no longer exist & I still get to write this,
no longer bound by any non-disclosure agreements.

(just after Labor Day 2010 weekend, Santa Clara CA)v4

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