Saturday, September 18, 2010



One, after another,
they’re following each other,
into a duplicitous future of No

government or common solutions
for what ails us. Call them fools,
& they'll rise up against you.
Call them anarchists & they'll

call you a communist, a fascist,
an obaman, a muslim, a killer
of The American Dream. Freedom

for them is not having to say: Sorry,
but some things're better done together,
convinced they can all B done alone

privately, personally, w/out any help,
thinking they're no public solutions,
denying they’re re-members of society.

Everything just written means nothing
to them, statistics're only lying numbers.
They’ve been convinced they’re Free

& willn’t give up !llusions of Freedumb,
spelt howlefer they wil: T /Tea, Pardy.

(18 SEP 10, Santa Clara CA)v4

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