Sunday, October 5, 2008

About @ Maverick

“The thing about a maverick,” McCain explains
to a last-month herd of GOP campaign operatives,
“Is what you call out to it depends on which way
it’s heading: towards you or away from you, &
whether it’s heading to the far-left or far-right.”

“For example, if a maverick’s heading away
to the far right, you call out: ‘Turn left!’
but if it’s heading to the far left: ‘Turn right’
but I s’pose you all already knew this, right?”
(The Goperatives shuffle their well-shod feet)

“But if it’s heading towards you, you call out:
‘You’re late for supper, you dumbass dogie!’
I learned that from President Bush himself.”
(The Goperatives begin to stomp their feet.)

“Now let’s see if you got what I told you:
Everybody stand up & head towards me.”
(The Goperatives all do just as he says.)

McCain goes red-in-the face & shouts-out:
“You dumbass dogies! 2-late for supper!”
(The Goperatives sit down again, afraid.)

(05 OCT 98,Santa Clara CA)v2

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