Monday, October 20, 2008

Cheney's covered

Ivo worries about Cheney’s need
for medical coverage post-Nov. 4th.
“Who will carry him after that? Will
he be covered until Jan 20th? Or the
anniversary of his 1st-day of work?”
Ivo’s more worried for Cheney than he
is for Ivo's having Parkinson’s disease.
I don't even try to tell Ivo that Cheney
may COBRA coverage pre-covered by
his many pensions: Halliburton CEO;
congressman, SECDEF, VP. Ivo asks:
“Will he retire to Abu Dhabi where he
moved Halliburton's HQ?” "Hardly; its
back to WY (where he grew up.)"

(20 OCT 08, Santa Clara CA)v6

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