Sunday, October 5, 2008

Where's Cheney?


All these scenarios seem to come out of a D-horror movie; even if these numbers are arithmetically correct, the reality brings us to a real-life scenario, (i.e.) the economy is in shambles, so the question is, "Who wants the Presidency?" or "Who is crazy enough to want the Presidency?" The answer is clear to anyone that cares to look: IT'S DICK CHENEY, STUPID!!! [P.S.] I bet you he has been working on it for quite a while; that is why he has been extremely silent...


My reply:

I don't believe Cheney's ever wanted it for himself, just for another puppet he can secretly pseudo-serve/manipulate like he has Dubya Bush. Under the present chaotic conditions, Cheney may get what he wants by crumble-down default. Possible puppets: 1) Joe Lieberman, who's obviously opportunistic enuf to do Cheney's bidding, but would have to have been McCain's VP to succeed to the self-sacrificial ram, 2) McCain, who's apparently not proven all that manipulable & might dump Cheney in a 'maverick' gesture, leaving us with a 'maverick' ex-military regime; McCain may have now finally made a deal with Cheney to 'save the Republic' by gladly playing its national-savior - if he somehow wins.

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