Friday, October 10, 2008


Lemme loanya a dollah. (No, don’t!)
Ya gadda be kiddin! S’only a dollah!
(What interest are you going 2 charge?)
No innerest! Nothin! U kno me, none.
(I can’t just afford this tippy transaction.)
I don unnerstan’ya! What’s so tippy heah?
(It tips my calculation about indebtedness.)
Ya can’t affordta pay me backa dollah?
(It really depends on when I pay it back.)
Take as longasya like. Take forevah.
(I just can’t carry this as a debt forever.)
I mean don’evah pay me back, OK?
(I wish I could do that, but I just can’t.)
I don' unnestan’ ya. Nevah is nevah.
(No, never is just far, far, far away.)
OK, then pay me fah, fah, fah away
(Loan me the dollar notso far away.)
[A lost dollar blows by in the wind.]

(10 OCT 08, Santa Clara CA)v2

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