Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Taped to a liner's Keel

“Where’s that OH Plumber I know so well?”
asks McCain, laughing as he mounts the steps
of the stage in Dayton, OH “Where are you, Joe?”
Joe cowers somewhere out of camera, fearing
the OH Dept. of Taxation will subpoena him.
“Jeez!” Joe whispers to his best friend, Jim
who works for the RNC in OH, who whispers:
“Chill out, Joe; this is during campaign-time,
they don’t dare serve you. You’re protected.”
Protected’s the word Joe was waiting to hear,
& now that he’s heard it, he can finally relax.
As long as he stays near McCain, he’s safe.
Nobody he knows is anywhere as connected;
or has taken such a beating & still keeps ticking,
like a TIMEX watch, taped to a liner's keel.

(22 OCT 08, Santa Clara CA)v2

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