Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kiss My Ass!

(A surfer’s sermon)

“Kiss my Ass!” is a commandment that Jesus
never gave us, so anyone writing that on a wall
had better get themselves behind Satan’s red ass
& kiss it, for I say Jesus was not interested in it.
Jesus was a stand-up guy, a carpenter all his life
in a hot, sunny, dry climate like Arizona, maybe,
where a steady sweat kept a man way-buffed-up.
That’s the, like total key to who Jesus really was,
if you look at him cleanly with both of your eyes,
you won’t miss what Jesus was then & is now:
a way-clean, buff, tanned-up dude, hard as rock..
He didn’t need any gym-time or gym-equipment!
He went to work every day, did his daily work.
If that isn’t a life to live by, I ask you, what is?

(07 OCT 08, Santa Clara CA)v1

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